An eight-episode-long rom-com about the ups and downs of finding love during the festive season in New York? That’s Dash & Lily in a nutshell. Based on the eponymous YA novel series by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, the Netflix show charts how Dash, a hopeless cynic and adamant Christmas-hater, and Lily, a born optimist, end up falling for each other. Season 1 came out on Nov. 10, 2020, but what about Season 2? When can we expect it to arrive on the streaming platform?

Creator Joe Tracz has already expressed an interest in working on Season 2 of ‘Dash & Lily.’

“I love our cast and I love the characters, and I’d love to be able to, if the holiday gods allow, be able to keep telling stories about Dash and Lily,” series creator Joe Tracz told PRIDE. 

Source: Netflix

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Rachel and David’s original book series comprises three volumes — which means that the creators would have plenty of material to draw on, should Netflix decide to give the green light to the series. Season 1 of Dash & Lily is based on the 2010 volume titled Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares, which was followed by the 2016 The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily and the 2020 Mind the Gap, Dash & Lily. 

According to Digital Spy, the second book charts Dash’s (Austin Abrams) attempts to help Lily (Midori Francis) overcome the distress caused by her grandfather falling ill. The latest book, Mind the Gap, Dash & Lily, captures their struggles to make their long-distance relationship work after Dash gets accepted to the University of Oxford.  

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Source: Netflix

Netflix has yet to give the green light to Season 2 of the series, but fans shouldn’t interpret this as a cause for alarm. The streaming giant commissioned the first eight episodes in October 2019, as per TV Line. It’s likely that viewership ratings will play a significant role in the decision making process — which means that the news about a potential Season 2 will only be announced at a later date.

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What about the cast? Which stars are likely to reprise their role in Season 2 of ‘Dash & Lily’?

While Austin Abrams and Midori Francis earned accolades with their exceptional portrayal of finicky Dash and happy-go-lucky Lily, Dante Brown’s delivery of Boomer and Troy Iwata’s take on Langston intrigued fans the most. 

At this point, it’s uncertain which cast members are the most likely to return for Season 2. However, should the show get renewed, there’s a strong chance that Austin and Midori would continue playing the main characters. 

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Season 1 of Dash & Lily doubles as a love letter to New York, with a roster of scenes set at famous institutions like the TDF Costume Collection, Two Boots East Village, or Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn. Should the show be renewed, there’s a chance that future episodes might be set in another metropolis, like London. 

Dash & Lily is available on Netflix now. 

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