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Who is ThatWhiteLatino on TikTok? Meet Mariano Castano


His account only got more popular from there. He now has more than 26 million likes on TikTok, with his most popular video getting more than 350,000 likes.  

The Ottawa native is known mostly for lip syncing videos. He plays high school soccer, so he often features his teammates in his videos. 

According to Famous Birthdays, Mariano was originally born in Mexico, and he has a brother and sister. He’s shown his siblings in videos before, but his most popular videos include his friends. 

ThatWhiteLatino is friends with these other viral TikTok stars.

One of the reasons why Mariano has grown to immense popularity is because he works with other TikTok stars in Canada. The teen has created videos with Malcom Suarez, Alessya Farrugia, and Samy, among others. 

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