If you consider being attractive a personality trait, then there’s a good chance you’re very well acquainted with viral TikTokers who gained e-notoriety for lip-syncing videos, mirthlessly dancing in front of a smartphone camera, and splitting high rent costs in luxurious mansions. Nessa Barrett ticks all of those boxes and, due to her notoriety on the platform, has ruffled more than a few people’s feathers. Like most popular TikTokers, people want to know who she’s dating.

Who is Nessa Barrett dating? It looks like her and Josh Richards are official.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Wait, but didn’t she basically deny she was actually dating Josh back around the end of 2020?” You’d be totally correct in assuming the two weren’t an item because, when Josh went public with their relationship on his and Dave Portnoy’s BFFs podcast, Nessa wasn’t sure what he was talking about.

“That’s his girlfriend,” Dave said.

“Yeah, that’s why she was on the show,” Josh confirmed in response.

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Apparently, Nessa wasn’t too fond of the label, and she commented from her account on Dave’s TikTok referencing the moment, stating, “Weird. I didn’t even know myself?”

Probably not the kind of thing you want to hear from someone you just called your girlfriend on a podcast that has some 135,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 317,000 views on to date.

Fans who’ve closely followed Josh and Nessa on social media suspected long before the former Sway House member’s podcast that the two were romantically connected. They’ve snapped several selfies together and have appeared to cuddle up on one another on more than one occasion.

Videos like this didn’t really help to quell any rumors that the two were dating, or at the very least, Josh was making it known he was really into her.

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Then, a late December video published by Hollywire indicated that Nessa and Josh were official with their relationship, but it does seem like she wants to keep this under wraps. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that social media couples rarely last and are constantly under the spotlight, or that they’re often used to farm even more “clout” for both parties involved. (See: Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau.)

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Or it could just be that both of these youngsters were born in 2002 and could very be reluctant to dive head first into a committed relationship, or at least Nessa isn’t, which is understandable.

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