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When Their 3 ‘Unappreciative Kids’ Didn’t Want To Go Out Two Parents Took Their Modem Instead


Listen, parenting is a lot. You have to deal with all kinds of stuff: illnesses, lost homework, scheduling demands, picky eaters… the list is endless. And then after you’ve waded through those minefields, you sometimes find yourself faced with one of the most obnoxious things ever: the bored, unappreciative child.

We have all been there. That’s what makes Cassie Langan and her husband, Chris, my new heroes. When they invited their three “unappreciative” children along on a trip to the beach, they were met with cries of, “That’s so boring, I don’t want to go!”

Refusing to let their spirit be dampened, the two parents decided to do what the rest of us should also do: they took their modem out with them instead. Yes, you read that correctly. Cassie and Chris scooped up “our most over worked family member” and took it for a day trip to the seaside, the rest of us will never be the same again.

Source : https://www.littlethings.com/modem-daytrip/