It is a weird, wonderful, fascinating time to be raising a little girl.

I don’t have the unique fortune (at least not yet!) of raising one myself, but I do have a lot of wonderful girls in my life. Or, to my dismay, not so little. From my nieces to my friends’ kids and all the littles I’ve met in between, I’m fascinated by how so many things have changed in girlhood from my own experience to now.

I’ve always wondered what things would be like for kids who grow up online, in front of screens, cameras, and more. Their lives are the most well-documented of arguably any group of kids ever. They have access to things we didn’t dream were possible at their age.

Yet, some things about childhood never change. Kids still like playing with dolls and cars. They still get entranced by hours of cartoons that are over their heads.

As I watch the little girls from my life, spanning from age 9 to age 19, grow up, I’m in awe of how much more powerful they seem than the generations before them. They know what they want and they go get it unapologetically. Now, they’re growing up in a reality where they can see a woman command power on a world stage. It’s led me to reflect on everything I’m learning from the next generation of women, these wonderful, growing girls.

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