Although she isn’t currently on TV, Amy is still regularly posting forecasts to her Twitter page. It seems that her suggestion that she was eager to return to work was true. She’s so eager, in fact, that she can’t resist posting about the weather even when she’s not talking about it on TV. It seems safe to say that she’ll be returning to work as soon as she can. 

In fact, an old interview with Amy with the Oak Park Journal suggests that she really does love talking about the weather. 

“People sometimes say, ‘I am so sorry to ask you about the weather …’ and I say, ‘I definitely want you to ask me about the weather. It’s my job.’ I love it when people ask me about the weather, even if I’m at the grocery store,” she explained. 

Of course, with a last name like Freeze, Amy seemed destined for a career in weather from birth. 

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