Although the Plaths acted as though their secluded, country lifestyle was the only way to live, fans of Welcome to Plathville have discovered that Barry actually owns another home in the suburbs, in addition to his farmland. The show portrayed the farm as their only home, but a little bit of internet research showed that the home was listed on Airbnb for $100 a night, suggesting that the family didn’t live there full-time during season 1.

As the trailer for season 2 indicates, the family is no longer living on the farm, but maybe they never did to begin with. While it’s possible that the Plaths still live their highly religious life in the suburbs, they certainly aren’t as cut off from the world as they seem to be. 

The suburb where they live is close to plenty of chain restaurants as well as a Walmart. It’s possible to adhere to religious beliefs wherever you live, but Welcome to Plathville may have heightened the remoteness of the family to make for better TV in the first season.

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