It can be hard growing up and learning all the stuff you need to be a successful adult in the world. Communication, responsibility, discipline, how to take chances and live fully. Also, folding a fitted sheet.

I don’t know why we have physical education in schools, but no class on managing bed linens. This is what the children need! We sleep on a bed every day, and change the sheets, like, once a month at least. Doing laundry is a valuable skill, and folding a fitted sheet is like the gold star of housekeeping.

Just look at all these people for whom the struggle is real:

The struggle is folding a fitted sheet.

Please meet YouTuber Terri Estep Metz, who likes to make videos about ordinary every day things that are actually funny. Her recent tutorial on fitted sheet folding is going viral for its novel approach to a problem that’s existed since we invented elastic corners. First, she presented the challenge, saying, “Today, I’m gonna show you the easiest way ever to fold a fitted sheet.”

She then lays her demo sheet out on the floor, clearly the most practical approach to take with clean laundry.

She then climbs inside the sheet, as you do, sticking her hands and feet into the pocket of each corner, and stretching it out like a demented starfish:

Seem too easy? Well, the next step requires flipping the whole thing into a rolled up sheet burrito, and you’re the filling.

Maybe you’ve mastered the art of making yourself a burrito on your bed, but Metz is careful to demonstrate how to extricate yourself so you don’t disturb the folding process. Peek your head out first, then kick your legs.

And then it’s just a matter of a few tucks and you’ve got a folded fitted sheet! Wow! Metz gleefully waves her finished product around, and you know what? It looks about as good as a folded sheet ever looks.

You can watch her entire process here:

And you should definitely try it at home, because at the very least, it’s a really good ab workout.

Metz’s followers love it, though they’ve had mixed results:

She also has at least one extremely passionate detractor who refuses to see the humor in folding a fitted sheet. They will die on this hill.

Some people don’t want laundry to be fun.

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