Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy, and different people go about grieving differently.

It’s hard not to feel like life absolutely, positively, stinks when someone close to you dies. Food doesn’t taste the same. A beautiful day with perfect weather and a shining sun is a mockery. You could bury your face in a pillow and cry for hours and no one would hold it against you.

There are some people and families, however, that get through traumatic losses by injecting some levity into the situation or finding what’s hilarious. Heck, there are tons of movie scenes, some of them more lewd than others, that manage to turn funerals into key comedic moments.

But sometimes comedy in sad situations like this is unintentional, and is ultimately contingent on the reactions from the bereaved. Something that Twitter user Mitch Feltscheer and his family experienced on the day they attempted to scatter his grandmother’s ashes.

And everything, I mean everything, went wrong.

After his grandmother died, members of the family decided to do something nice: go to her favorite spot with her ashes, and individually scatter a bit of her remains in private.

Things seemed destined to go the comedic route from the very beginning though.

Since the spot was outdoors, and the natural enemy to any sediment or powdery-like material is wind, they know they were going to have a problem.

That day was particularly windy, and it turns out everyone was getting a bit closer to Grandma than they had hoped.

The romantically pensive, high-elevation, wind cliff sendoff of their grandmother really wasn’t working out, so they decided to shift gears and head down the cliff.

Which presented a new set of interesting challenges, and visuals.

And then it looked like the worst was behind them.

Until they opened the urn.

It was at that moment where Mitch and his siblings found comedy in the situation and the laughter began setting in, but they still managed to hold it back.

That’s when the jet-skiers came.

Grandma’s remains got tore up by the loud machines, getting mixed with water and shooting up into the air.

At this point there’s a combination of horror and hilarity that the Felstscheer family is experiencing.

But there has to be a punchline to all of this. A simple, terse, in-the-moment comment that would set everyone off.

And Mitch’s Dad provided it.

I mean how are you not going to burst out in laughter after all that?

People felt for Mitch and saw the hilarity in the situation.

Some just hoped the rest of Mitch’s family saw it that way.

I’d personally like to know that my loved ones, after I kick the bucket, will have a lot to celebrate and laugh about when I finally go.

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