Wendy’s hasn’t just been killing the social media game recently, in fact, it turns out the fast food chain has a rich history of promotional materials.

Now if you love digging through the internet in search of weird stuff, you might be familiar with Wendy’s line of bizarrely cheesy and wonderful training videos.

They taught employees how to do everything, like pouring hot drinks and properly putting cookies on a tray.

I bet you can’t get that tune out of your head after listening to it.

Now, most brands would probably want to forget their lame pasts, especially if they’ve managed to establish a truly cherished viral social media brand like Wendy’s.

But the burger chain isn’t denying these gloriously corny training video past. In fact, they’re embracing it.

When radio show host Brian Fink tweeted about the videos, it started a whole thread of people getting back into the groove of these wonderful pieces that captured a corporate era.

Ever wondered about the perfect way to serve cold drinks at a Wendy’s? Well now you know.

Want to know how to serve chili? Well, did you know it could be served with cheese? IT CAN.

After you’ve mastered the art of serving chili and pouring hot drinks and cold drinks, and getting people their delicious desserts, you’ll finally be ready for the big leagues.

And what’s that, you might ask? Grilling burgers, people.

This two part video series will make you a Wendy’s burger master in no time.

Twitter is loving the Wendy’s video revival.

And learned valuable lessons about their own food serving skills.

Some lamented that the songs were a little too catchy. That’s the sign of a great hook.

YouTube Video Rabbit Hole addiction is a serious problem. Get help.

Mostly, though, people just cherished the videos.

And reminded current Wendy’s employees of the great heritage they’re a part of.

Hot drinks man, they really get you going.

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