Your wedding. The big day. The anticipation, the excitement, the dieting beforehand. The stylists, the outfits, the catering, the dress, the videographer, the best man speech you hope isn’t a total mess, your one creepy cousin who hits on every single woman during cocktail hour.

There’s a lot to worry about because on this day you’re supposed to be celebrating the official union between you and the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. I mean, statistically speaking there’s a good chance you won’t be with that person for very long, but still, you want your wedding day to go perfectly.

But if we learned anything from romantic comedies and honestly just life in general, it’s that worst case scenarios usually find a way to disrupt our lives, even on a day as magical as our wedding. The nerve, right?

As horrifying as it is to even think about, there are plenty of people who were willing to share their own “wedding fail” moments. All they needed was the nice guy charm of Jimmy Fallon to get them to share them with the rest of the internet.

Like this Dad Joke with possibly the worst timing ever.

This dude who ruined the vow exchange by blasting some RiRi.

Then again, it’s a pretty appropriate song considering the occasion.

What about this awful mother-in-law who wanted the big day to be about her.

I’m a moronic, North Jersey dude who could care less about formal event etiquette and even I know that’s a scumbag move.

At least this desperate maid of honor admitted this low point while at her friend’s wedding.

So fighting with a 10-year-old for a bouquet because you want your special day to come next may not be this woman’s proudest moment, but at least she’s got a sense of humor about it. Also: check out the look of determination/horror on this kid’s face.

If you’re planning on hitting the sauce heavy during a wedding, you might want to remember to sign the guest book before the night’s festivities begin.

At least it wasn’t as cringeworthy as this father/daughter dance song selection.

There was this father-in-law who couldn’t be bothered to remember the name of whoever his daughter was marrying.

Let’s hope her ex’s name wasn’t Chad.

A little too much birdseed for this bride.

How is this one a fail?

This bride who face-planted.

This kid who was just trying to get a party going.

This guy who wasn’t letting anything ruin his football game.

This unwilling flower girl helped create what’s probably one of the more memorable pictures in this bride’s photo album.

Check out Fallon’s favorites in the clip below.

Have any egregious wedding fails of your own?

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