Growing up I always dreamed of having a clone so we could have each other’s backs. If I wanted to play hookie and sneak into a movie matinee, then my clone could cover for me when I went to class. If he wanted to be a real bad boy, he could enjoy family dinners while I chilled underneath my bed and read comic books.

I never really thought about what could go wrong with that plan or my parent’s inevitable discovery of my clone, but I just knew it’d be handy to have a doppelganger that I was cool with.

Not the other kind of clone who wanted to have me killed and ultimately replace my life, like in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, that would suck.

I guess having a twin sibling is a lot like having a clone in certain situations and would be a lot more manageable than somehow materializing another version of yourself out of nowhere. If I had an identical twin brother I’m sure I could come up with some nifty uses for the circumstances of my birth.

Like Malcolm and Marcus Williams did on picture day.

When Marcus was sick back in high school, his brother, Malcolm, decided to step up to the plate and make sure his face was in the yearbook.

You know, because people think they share the same face, basically.

They had the entire thing planned out: Malcolm would be smiling in his photo. “Marcus” wouldn’t be.

They look so alike that it took students in their school a while to figure out that they weren’t the same person and just managed to get to different areas of the school very quickly.

Technically though, they’re not identical twins, and when you see them side to side, although you can definitely tell that they’re brothers, you can notice slight similarities between the two of them.

So they won’t have Sherlock Holmes fooled.

Some people began sharing their own “twin swap” stories. Like this one guy who worked with a dude who would send his twin to work whenever he was hungover. So good.

Other twins fessed up to pulling similar shenanigans.

For a lot of people, they’re just happy that twins are really taking advantage of the fact that they were born that way.

While others thought it was a golden opportunity to explore which “person” in the picture is liked more at first glance.

Marcus and Malcolm aren’t the first set of twins to use their school’s yearbook as a chance to pull something funny.

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