First dates are usually a mixture of excitement, anxiety, hopes for the future, and the crushing feeling that no matter what you do, you’re going to die alone without ever having met the mythical soulmate we all pine for deep down inside.

OK that might be a bit of an overstatement for some. Maybe you just thought someone was cool and wanted to get to know them better. Or maybe you want a free meal. Regardless, it’s a new social interaction with a new person and that could lead to a lot of awkwardness.

So the last thing you need when you’re on a first date is for someone to make it even more awkward, right?

Someone like your best friends sitting a few tables away from you, wearing wigs, and making you crack up at every turn, yeah?

Because that’s exactly what these peeps did to a friend of theirs and thankfully for us, they snapchatted the entire thing.

In the video, you can see them catching their poor friend, Twitter user Meg, unawares. Meg tries as best as she can to stifle her laughter.

But she fails miserably. Can you even blame her, though?

I mean look at them.

I can’t tell if their snap captions are serious or not.

Do they really think they’re incognito?

I mean even if I didn’t know who they were, as a waiter in that restaurant or another customer, I’d find their appearance absolutely hilarious.

They look straight out of the early, early 90’s with those wigs, a regular Slash and Elaine.

Although Meg cracked up laughing and probably blew her shot at having any future dates with whoever she was out with, she shouldn’t have been surprised.

Because her two mischievous friends have been doing this kind of thing for a very, very long time.

In fact, they’ve always been very involved in her romantic life, even making her cringe-inducing, sappy music videos to help her get over a breakup when she was younger.

Twitter’s smitten with Meg’s friends.

Seriously, people are obsessed with them – as they should be. Heck, I would cry-laugh in the bathroom out of happiness if something like this happened to me.

And it’s already getting other groups of friends jonesing to try the same exact thing.

Would you be mad at your friends crashing your first date with someone on the DL?

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