Bravo network is one of the most popular channels among women, and features a number of reality series focused on the lives of ladies who have become national obsessions. We’ve got Bravo to thanks for all our Real Housewives, plus the demented antics of Vanderpump Rules. So, it’s been a little confusing that the network recently announced a new talk show—just for men.

If you didn’t know, late night talk shows already seem to be primarily for men. For a long time, all the hosts of talk shows were men, with the sole exception of Samantha Bee on Full Frontal. Since then, Robin Thede and Michelle Wolf have become hosts of their own shows, but the three women only have weekly platforms, rather than nightly ones.

According to the Guardian, Bravo has decided to bring another male talk show host to their channel, despite their programming and success with a female demographic. 

And who is our host? Jerry O’Connell, who seems freaking stoked about it.

So, here’s the drama. In their original press release, Bravo titled the show Real Men Watch Bravo, which has become something of a catchphrase intended to expand their demo to include the fellas. I mean, men watch Bravo, obviously. But Bravo wants to make that “cool” to admit. 

In line with that, they stated the show would feature O’Connell “alongside a panel of male celebrities, comics and tastemakers, discussing the buzziest Bravo moments.” And that these guys would be able to offer “the male point of view pertaining to all things Bravo.”

The Guardian reached out to the network with questions about the panelist choices. No women? Really? However, they received no response on the subject, and interpreted the silence as an affirmation. This late night show will feature no women guests, either. Just a bunch of men talking about women’s lives. Jeez, what is this, Congress?

Naturally, people were pissed, like Late Night with Seth Meyers’ writer Amber Ruffin, who should really have her own show:

Or Travon Free, writer for The Daily Show and Full Frontal:

And Full Frontal writer Ashley Nicole Black:

So, lots of writers and media people and ordinary people and true Bravoholics are pissed.

BUT, there’s a twist! Jerry O’Connell has seen his mentions, and he is denying the Guardian’s coverage of his new show:

In another tweet, he suggested they’d have all the Housewives on the show. They’re women.

It’s still a little unclear if you can be a guest as a woman if you aren’t an actual Bravo reality star. O’Connell has also not had a very strong response to accusations that the show’s title is homophobic:

Like, people hate the title.

Hey, if dudes are so fragile they need to smear masculinity all over their love for suburban drama, that’s fine. Enjoy your show with Jerry O’Connell. But please also give us a show on late night with a woman hosting it every damn night of the week. We need it more than you!

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