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State Trooper Dad Gets Schooled By 7-Year-Old When She Challenges Him To Pull-Up Competition


Brad Marshall, a North Carolina state trooper, is in great shape. Even though he’s really fit, there’s one competitor he can’t beat: his seven-year-old daughter, Eden.

Eden Marshall is a gymnast, so even though she’s only seven, she’s very strong. Need some proof that gymnasts are some of the best athletes out there? Look no further than Simone Biles, who won the world championships even though she had painful kidney stones.

Seven-year-old Eden may not be an Olympian, but she’s still a beast in the gym. One day, while she was at gymnastics practice, her dad came in to watch. Eden’s coach noticed her dad watching practice and told Eden to challenge him to a pull-up competition.

Brad isn’t one to turn down a challenge, so he immediately joined Eden on the uneven bars. As a full-grown adult, he assumed he’d have no problem beating his daughter — but boy was he wrong.

Although he started off strong, Brad couldn’t keep up with Eden. Her teammates cheered her on from the sidelines, and they were thrilled when Eden beat her dad!

Of course, Brad was convinced there was an obvious reason for his brutal loss: his uniform. Brad’s state trooper duty belt weighed as much as Eden. Watch the video to find out what happened when Brad challenged Eden to a rematch — without his duty belt!

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