Senior pranks are one of the staples of American colleges. While the biggest ones, like pretending to crash a car into the side of a building, are typically saved for the end of the year, individual students take it upon themselves to pull off smaller tricks throughout their time at school. 

Take Twitter user @OscareWilde as an example. Several years ago, they were gifted one of those massive pencils that are absolutely useless for anything other than a gag gift. Unsurprisingly, it gathered dust in a closest for years while they tried to find a use for it. 

One day, the perfect idea came to mind. As @OscareWilde recently explained in a hilarious Twitter thread, they decided to use the pencil to pry on some of the most vulnerable people at any college—students who had forgotten their pens and dared to ask to borrow one. The thread begins…

The Twitter user explained the idea behind their prank… 

Surprisingly, only a few people have fallen victim to this brilliant ruse. 

@OscareWilde explains how the situation has gone down the three times they’ve been able to find a victim. 

Their response is always pure gold. 

But even after all of this fanfare, the three people have no choice but to accept. 

While @OscareWilde‘s prank is hilarious, school pranks only ever get better the more people are involved. These students decided to meme their principal after he told them they couldn’t do a prank. 

While students at Cumberland High School in Wisconsin decided to pull off a prank that was so convincing, even the police department fell for it. 

It’s not a school prank without wrapping something in cling wrap. 

Spare a thought for whoever has to clean these up. 

We’re impressed too. 

Keep on pranking, people!

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