Standing up for the little guy is admirable, especially when doing so could get you in a lot of trouble. Back during the Civil Rights movement, siding with systematically oppressed people could land you in a lot of hot water, and there are countless stories of people’s livelihoods and careers being destroyed in the process of standing up for what they believe in.

Fast forward to today and there are still huge divides between socio-economic classes and races in America, and people are always quick to point out and rightfully shame those who are mean/daft enough to think they can get away with discrimination. There’s a culture that, thanks to the internet, is quick to call out garbage behavior and get eyes on the “bad eggs” who are perpetrating it.

But it’s also, unfortunately, given rise to a wave of individuals who are very quick to try and force a discrimination narrative when there really isn’t one to begin with, like this mother who called out a bunch of people for doing just that with her adopted daughter.

When internet personality and actor Jack Pattillo visited Disneyland with his friends, they experienced a similar phenomenon.

He and his pals all decided to nab some ice cream (Dole Whips, specifically), which is probably a good and delicious idea on a hot day in an amusement park, and snapped a photo of their wonderful swirled delights.

Someone who saw Pattillo’s tweet online, for some reason, took offense.

Apparently Tristin Lazarus was sickened by the fact the internet personality was hanging out with all white friends.

Not only does it seem a little mean to come at somebody on Twitter who’s just enjoying some ice cream with his pals (even if they were all white) at Disneyland, it turns out that Lazarus was absolutely wrong.

Because all of Pattillo’s friends in the photo weren’t white. 

Like more than a few of them.

He was succinctly shut down.

But even after Pattillo’s friends who were tagged in the photo posted their selfies on Twitter to show Lazarus how wrong he was, the Twitter user didn’t offer up an apology.

People pointed out how his knee-jerk tweet reaction was ultimately harmful.

While another user pointed out that even if Lazarus was trying to point out that Pattillo was guilty of lacking diversity in his workforce, that it wasn’t even his workforce in the picture. He tagged other industry professionals he happened to be friends with.

Something that Lazarus provided a totally mature and reasonable response to.

People are just encouraging him to take the L.

And his failure became somewhat of a meme.

At the end of the day though, Pattillo and his group of pals didn’t seem too phased by Lazarus’ trolling ways and had a great time in Disneyland.

And why shouldn’t they?

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