There’s been a lot of petty people in the news recently calling the cops on folks for doing the most frivolous of things.

There’s that woman who once informed the authorities that a man was grilling outdoors “in a threatening manner.” Then there’s the resident who called the police on a man performing an inspection on a home.

Oh, and let’s not forget the “suspicious” man that had the cops called on him for pushing a baby in a stroller. His baby. The level of pettiness is astronomical from these super cop-callers.

It seems like there’s a never-ending list of frivolous reasons people are using as an excuse to call the popo.

But this one definitely has to be one of the nerdiest—because the amount of self-delusion you have to live with, along with the gallons of pride you have to swallow in order to carry this out, is unfathomable.

A man actually called the cops because he felt he was fouled too hard in a game of basketball.

Yes. The grown man, who can be seen in the black clothes talking to the police above, is trying to explain, with a straight face, that the good faith rules of the game were violated so harshly that law enforcement needed to be called. That, and the fact that the tax dollars spent on cops’ time, should be devoted to hearing his grievances.

The look on the man’s face in blue pretty much sums it all up.

Twitter user @_togs relayed the events that led up to this ridiculous moment.

It all started with a game of basketball. A hard pick (defensive move) sends the man to the floor. It happens all the time, it’s part of the game. You get back up, and if you feel like it was a dirty foul, you speak up about it.

This guy, however, got up and threatened to call the cops. Which everyone else probably thought was a joke.

Until they realized that no, this man is actually that deluded and petty.

The man with the sleeves was the individual who set the screen that sent the dude in black to the floor.

When the cops did arrive and address the mess they were presented with, they were clearly not happy to be there.

They left without taking any action against anybody (I wonder why) and nothing was resolved. Except for the fact that everyone knows to never play basketball with this dude ever again. God forbid you don’t let him score on you and you’ll have the cops running over to the gym.

The worst part is that the foul wasn’t even that bad. Screens are screens—if you bump into someone, you will fall down.

People began noticing similarities between his expression and the expressions of other famed petty cop callers.

Someone even captured video of the incident, so you can see the lameness in all its petty glory.


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