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Retired 98-Year-Old Girl Scout Is Still Selling All The Girl Scout Cookies She Can


Ronnie Backenstoe may be 98-years-old, but she’s still a Girl Scout through and through. The Lake George, New York native first joined the Girl Scouts in 1932. Every year since Ronnie has suited up at this time of year and gotten ready to sell Girl Scout cookies with her wonderful peers.

Ronnie has quite the history with the Girl Scouts. After joining as a child, she rose through the ranks. “I wanted to be one so bad,” Ronnie recalled. “And my mother said, ‘When you’re ten.’ So when I was ten, I was ready to go!”

She became the director of Camp Mosey Wood in the Poconos. Later, she became a field director and traveled the country and the world with the organization. Although she retired in 1976 after 45 years in active scouting, Ronnie believes in the core values of the organization so much that she still does anything she can to help.

“I think that it was just part of living, and that’s what really girl scouting is, it teaches you how to live.”

Things have changed a bit since Ronnie started selling Girl Scout cookies with her fellow scouts. There were only three varieties of Girl Scout cookies when she got started. They cost just fifteen cents a box. Today, there are seven flavors of Girl Scout cookies, with boxes starting around $5.

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