Growing up, I thought I was going to have a smooth, super chill, only-child life. Until I turned five, that is, when my parents decided to bring home a tiny blob of a human and said she was my sister. Not entirely thrilled by this addition to my easygoing and relaxed lifestyle, I waited until she was old enough to talk, and then surreptitiously used my five years of seniority to fill her head with all kinds of nonsense that still haunts her in her twenties.

There was the time I told her she was adopted (how original), and the time I lied and said she had to give me hour-long back rubs to be allowed to watch (just watch, not play) me win at Pacman on the computer. 

And although as an adult I’m a bit traumatized by my past self’s actions, a recent reddit thread made me realize I’m not the worst sibling out there. In fact, I’m kind of bummed I wasn’t more creative at dragging my sister.

Below, 15 people who were bullied so bad by their siblings, it’s a wonder they lived to tell the tale.


A painful lesson in trust.


Here’s one way to make sure your siblings learn about Santa.


Wait, they’re not?


Sooooo good if you’re the pranker, so terrible if you’re the prankee.


I honestly wish remotes worked this way.


This is cruel. But hilarious. But nonetheless so cruel.


At least they didn’t pull out the dye in her sleep.


I’m going to keep an extra close eye for dogs and babies next trash day.


I think child-me would have loved to meet this mastermind.


I would have taken this kid to the school science fair.


Now here’s a prank I would just *love* to reuse.


Siblings. It’s all about the mind games.


Wait, you DON’T know about chachis?


Now you know why the family’s poor.


This sounds like an ambitious prank to keep up as a child.

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