Sorry, ladies. Colombian pop star Maluma is taken — and unlike his breakout song, it doesn’t look like he is willing to share. 

The “Felices los 4” singer is dating Natalia Barulich and the couple recently celebrated their one-year anniversary. “Love of my Life.. Happy Anniversary,’ Natalia captioned a photo smooching Maluma onboard a private jet. More recently, they vacationed together in Croatia (she is Cuban-Croatian) — and the couple shared even more selfies together. 

“With my sweetheart,” she wrote, which prompted fans to swoon over the photogenic pair. “They are perfect together,” one follower commented in Spanish before another added, “I’m so jelly!!!!” Same, girl. Same. 


So, how did Maluma meet his girlfriend? 

Maluma, 24, met Natalia, 26, on the set of his 2017 music video for “Felices los 4,” which also stars Wilmer Valderrama. According to sources, they started out as friends and eventually a relationship blossomed between Maluma (real name: Juan Luis Londoño Arias) and the GUESS model. We are definitely getting Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova vibes with these two. 


“Natalia is a very special person for me. I love her very much. She came into my life at the right time. It’s the first time people know something about my private life and my relationships — it makes me happy that people know that side of Juan Luis,” he told Hola! magazine. “It’s important that people know I fall in love, suffer, and cry like anyone else. Natalia means a lot to me. I met her while filming the video for ‘Felices los 4.’ It was love at first sight. She went on with her life, and I went on with mine, but shortly after we started dating.”

How serious are Maluma and Natalia? 

If you’re hoping this is just a fling for the Latin heartthrob, we’re sorry to disappoint. The couple are the proud parents of an adorable Pomeranian pup named Julieta (who has her own Instagram page) and they also have matching tattoos of the infinity sign on their left thumbs. If that doesn’t say forever, we don’t know what will. 


“I am very romantic and thoughtful. I like to make her feel good. That’s the most important thing. I like to protect her, take care of her, and I’m not jealous at all,” he explained. “I want her to have her freedom, to live her life, do her things. She’s also in a good place in her career, so we support each other.”

Who is Natalia Barulich? 

The brunette beauty is more than just Maluma’s girlfriend. She is one-half of the DJ duo Atmsphre, alongside Esther Anaya, and the group is releasing their first single this month. “I grew up singing, acting, and dancing in musical theatre, I was in choir ever since I was like five or six years old,” she explained in a YouTube video. “I always loved music, and I loved dance music from a very young age.”


Does Maluma have kids? 

At the moment, no, but Maluma does see himself becoming a father with Natalia. However, he’s in no rush. “I would love to get married, but I prefer to have real love that doesn’t depend on a ring to connect,” he said. “Of course, I want to get married, live in a big hacienda with my horses, have children… but right now that’s not my focus. I have other priorities. I want to be a young dad but not yet. I have to go through the stages and prepare myself to give all my love to a child.”


Can you say #relationshipgoals? 

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