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Identical Twin Sisters Spotted ‘Fighting’ In Mom’s Womb During Ultrasound


It can be hard enough sharing a room with a sibling, let alone a womb.

The clip you’re about to see went viral with nearly three million views in just a few days. It all started when a man known as Mr. Tao accompanied his wife to a prenatal checkup when she was four months pregnant with identical twin girls.

The twins from China were given the nicknames ‘Cherry’ and ‘Strawberry’ after their mother’s favorite fruits. They shared the same amniotic sac and placenta as monochorionic monoamniotic twins, or Mo-Mo twins — one of the highest types of risks involved with twin pregnancies.

Mr Tao. had seen the unborn sisters interacting before. During one of his wife’s amniotic fluid tests, he saw one of the twins cuddling up against the other. But on this particular day, the dad-to-be saw a different scene completely. This time, the twins were seemingly “boxing with each other for a few rounds,” punching and kicking one another from inside Mom’s womb!

Fortunately, both Cherry and Strawberry were born healthy at 32 weeks via caesarean section. They’re the first pair of Mo-Mo twins the hospital had ever successfully delivered.

Watch the video below to see the feisty twins in action.

Video Credit: Newsflare.com

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