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Homeschooling Memes Come Out Of Coronavirus Lockdown


With the U.K. joining Italy, Denmark, and other countries worldwide in entering coronavirus lockdown, many parents are discovering the, ahem, joys of having to educate their own children while confined to the house.

Primary schools are sharing pictures of their students learning from home.

While the kids are adorable, the clean, happy faces and cute, nicely completed projects do suggest some careful curation is going on.


Some families do seem to be having an easier time of it than others.

And parents are discovering all sorts of unexpected problems. How do you pick a star pupil for the week when you only have two children?

Teachers are having a bit of a laugh.

And really who can blame them? There definitely seems to be a heightened appreciation for their work going on, at least around Twitter.

If you’re feeling the pressure, there’s lots of resources out there to help you. Teen Calm shares advice for easing autistic kids through the routine change, while the Schools Advisory Service and the Learning Lockdown YouTube channel have an array of materials to help with a wide variety of subjects.


Last updated Mar 26, 2020, 2:09 pm

Siobhan Ball

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