Here’s a little known fact: Jason Statham was once a competitive diver.

That’s right. The man who played the role of “Farmer” (yep that was his name) in the greatest Uwe Boll film of all time, In The Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, competed in the 1990 commonwealth games.

Look at this total hunk: hair, smiles, chiseled abs and all, landing this perfect dive.

I’d like to think that somewhere, in the crowd, the cast of Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels were watching him, cheering him on. And yes, that includes Bullet Tooth Tony.

Now I could write all about Statham and especially that Dungeon Siege movie he was in all day (I mean honestly, how does anybody buy Ray Liotta as a wizard??), but there’s a reason I’m bringing up his diving history and that’s because a perfectly executed dive is a thing of beauty.

I mean, just look at what the human body is capable of.

But sometimes, dives don’t go as perfectly as planned. And this happens at the highest levels of competition…

…and even the not so high. Like this high school student who seemed to have a perfect start.

Only to have her legs give out at the very last moment, resulting in one of the most limp and careless splashes into a swimming pool I’ve ever seen.

As embarrassing as it is, that girl can console herself with the fact that she’s not alone.

Something that responders to the thread were sure to remind her of.

Some of the divers just dealt blows to their egos.

While others dealt blows to their bodies as well.

Can you say belly flop?

You’ve got to admire this one diver’s persistence.

You’d figure they’d find a way to make these darn boards a little less slippery.

I mean the twist here is just mesmerizing.

This is why you never, ever hesitate.

Sure, I might be laughing at these, but I can’t do anything other than a cannonball myself, so I’ll just chuckle to myself silently and not risk humiliation.

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