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Girls with soft hearts can see the beauty in others from a mile away, but even when they are standing inches away from their own reflection, they struggle to see the beauty in themselves. They do not realize how loving and sweet and strong they are because thoughtfulness comes naturally to them. They would never dream of hurting another person — even if the person deserves the pain — because they believe in spreading kindness.

Girls with soft hearts are so focused on taking care of others that the barely have any time left to take care of themselves. They are selfless. They choose to do the right thing over the easy thing. They are constantly making their lives more inconvenient by reaching out to help others when they could easily stand in the background and focus on their own problems. However, they refuse to place themselves first on their list of priorities because they value their loved ones above all else.

Girls with soft hearts often find themselves trapped in uncomfortable, poisonous relationships because they are easily able to look past flaws. They dig deeper and see the soul hidden beneath. They can spot the goodness in anyone. They settle for less than they were destined to possess because they are believers in second chances and keep their forgiveness unrestricted. They can become lost inside of one-sided relationships because they are used to offering without expecting anything in return.

Girls with soft hearts wear their vulnerability like a badge. They are unafraid of speaking straight from their souls because they believe feelings are meant to be expressed. They do not want anyone to feel self-conscious, so they never keep their kind words inside. They give smiles to strangers. They give compliments to friends. They give affection to family. They give love to all of humanity, even when that love is not returned.

Girls with soft hearts are always busy looking out for their loves ones, but become uncomfortable when another tries to look out for them. They are givers, but have trouble accepting. They do not want to be a bother. They do not want to be a burden. They do not want handouts or elaborate presents they feel like they do not deserve. They want to give but they hesitate to take. They want to feel like they have earned everything within their grasp and always feel like someone else is more deserving than they are.

Girls with soft hearts underestimate their worth because they are modest. They would never refer to themselves as beautiful or intelligent or badass, even though every one of those words describe them. Despite their inner strength, despite all they have done for the people lucky enough to know them, they always feel like they are not doing enough. They are rough on themselves because they have high expectations for their futures. They do not believe in average. They are reaching towards extraordinary.

Girls with soft hearts deserve the world — and they are the only ones unable to see that. TC mark

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