If you’re wondering who Bebe Rexha is, she is the blonde breakout starlet whose hit single collaboration “Meant to Be,” with country artist Florida Georgia Line, spent 35 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard’s Hot country songs chart. NBD. 

Not only does she have a major country crossover hit, she also teamed up with rapper G-Eazy for their hit “Me, Myself & I,” and, fun fact: She is the mastermind behind the Eminem and Rihanna classic, “The Monster.” Bebe is killing it on- and off-stage, so it’s no surprise that fans are starting to wonder if Bebe is single. 

With Bebe exploding onto the scene this year, the singer, songwriter, and producer seemingly likes to keep her main focus on her career. Therefore, except for the moments where she writes a song about an experience or a breakup that she went through, she is not one to confirm her previous relationships.

With rumored relationships always floating around, we’re dying to know if this pop sensation has a bae? Welcome to Hollywood, Bebe…

So, is Bebe currently single? 


Some artists like to keep their fans guessing on who a relationship/breakup song is about… and Bebe is no different. The artist is not quick to share details of her dating life, which has kept fans guessing as to the current status of her relationships.

Back in May, many fans questioned whether the singer was dating Nick Jonas. The two performed during the American Idol finale and were later photographed grabbing dinner together at popular Hollywood haunt, Craigs. However, don’t get too excited, Nick and Bebe shippers, the former Jo-Bro is rumored to be engaged to actress Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka seemingly confirmed the engagement after she was spotted with a diamond ring on her engagement finger earlier this month. 

Though the singer is not quick to name names, she does sometimes drop little hints as to her relationship status on Twitter. Last February, Bebe tweeted a poll about her ex-boo.


In the early half of 2017, Bebe was linked with her collaborator G-Eazy. She even posted an Instagram of the pair together, which she captioned, “Bae.”  However, we know the two must have had a short relationship, as the rapper later dated singer Halsey that same year. 


Another rumored relationship to hit Bebe was her status with DJ Martin Garrrix. Fans definitely observed their on-screen chemistry in the video for her song “In the Name of Love,” and many questioned if this was taken off-screen.

In 2017, Bebe revealed that she had not been in a relationship since breaking up with her ex Alex in 2015. “I haven’t had a boyfriend since. I’m an old school romantic,” she said. “I don’t like to just like throw my heart around.” Luckily for fans, she can turn her heartbreak into catchy songs everyone can relate to. “When I got my heart broken by my ex, I was bitter. So then I wrote the first part of this album,” she added. “But I went to the studio and this first part was like bam, bam, bam, was like six songs in a row, we did it. And then the second part is completely like a change, stronger.”

Right now though, it’s hard to tell if the singer/songwriter is currently single. As she remains super private, fans will just have to stay calm until she decides to share (if ever) her relationships with the world. OR, at least until a good paparazzi photo surfaces for confirmation!

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