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Doctors Take Out Most Of Woman’s Jaw To Remove Cancer, Then She Gets 3D-Printed Replacement


In April 2017, Anelia Myburgh was diagnosed with cancer. Anelia, who is now 31, had noticed a strange bump in her mouth that was causing her teeth to move. The bump wasn’t painful, but Anelia decided to get it checked out by a dentist just in case.

Her dentist referred her to specialists, but they assured her that the bump wasn’t cancer. Unfortunately, the specialists were wrong. Tests confirmed that the small bump in Anelia’s mouth was, in fact, cancerous.

Anelia immediately had surgery to remove the cancer. While removing the cancer, doctors also had to remove 80% of Anelia’s upper jaw.

Although the surgery saved Anelia’s life, she was self-conscious about the way she looked. People would often give Anelia strange looks, and some would even try to take pictures of her.

Anelia explained, “I just want to be able to actually walk down the street and not have people stare. Like, that’s my ultimate goal.”

So when she heard that there was new technology that could give her some quality of life back, she knew she had to learn more.

Using a 3D-printed jaw, doctors could make Anelia look normal again! Anelia agreed to have the rare surgery. Doctors 3D-printed a frame, installed it in Anelia’s mouth, then anchored in some teeth.

When Anelia took a look at herself after surgery, she was amazed by what she saw. “It actually looks normal,” she exclaimed.

Watch the video to see Anelia before and after her life-changing surgery!

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