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Did Brielle Biermann Get a Boob Job? Maybe, But It’s Her Little Secret


For the last few years, many have speculated whether or not Kim Zolciak’s 21-year-old daughter, Brielle Biermann, has gone under the knife. Viewers of the family’s Bravo TV show, Don’t Be Tardy, have scrutinized Brielle’s nose, lips, and — most recently — her boobs for looking “fake.”

And while the reality star looked absolutely incredible in her latest Instagram post from Friday, Oct. 11, fans couldn’t help but wonder, “did Brielle Biermann get a boob job?” 

As usual, Brielle is looking fan-freaking-tastic.

Like I said before, in Brielle’s latest Instagram post, she’s looking hot… almost too hot. In fact, she looks so good, the photo is making fans wonder if she has gotten any work done on her breasts. 

While the reality star has always been somewhat voluptuous, sporting a rather bodacious bod, her boobs happened to look larger than usual. Take a look and see for yourself, but proceed with caution — her beauty might ultimately blow you away.  

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