Simon Smith is a simple dad, who does his duty. That includes showing up to escort a group of kids to the science museum, which should be a simple enough enterprise. But Smith has Twitter, and was able to share the sheer endurance needed to move these kids through their adventure.

His story begins on the bus, the worst place in the world.

Though Smith was only assigned six kids to keep alive, he got off to an immediate bad start.

And of course, everyone immediately needed to use the toilet and ate all their food for the day:

It didn’t take long for things to descend to chaos and farts:

Just remember this is a learning experience:

The threat that things will get worse in terms of smell was always looming:

It started to effect the other kids, even:

Then it happened:

But they still weren’t even at the museum!

But then they finally ARRIVED:

Oddly, Smith didn’t have a great time.

A horrible day eventually came to a horrible end for Smith, who may be the crankiest dad on the planet. But then he had to take the return trip home.

Honestly, he should consider himself lucky that he didn’t lose a kid while he was on Twitter.

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