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lirya, Iliryan empire! Iliric or Albanian language! From Epirus to Trieste the language that Albanians speak today is spoken. Autochthonous, Indo-European. Language protected by pen and blood! The remnants of an empire that is not known where it started or where it ended, but today stretches to less than 40,000 km2.
Not at all our fault!

The documented story begins with the Roman invasions and invasions, although today their descendants have our peaceful, super-creative neighbors, whom we go to do the most difficult jobs of their own. And we do them so well that they look forward to having us at every work site…. 5-6 centuries later the southern Slavs fled from the Urals. They don’t like their offspring, but this is the story. The truth! They seized what they could. When Illyria had a woman-led and very successful empire, the ancestors of our eastern neighbors were still in the metamorphosis of barbaric conceptions and vain to discuss them, for they were not the only ones.