Chrissy Teigen is the queen of the Internet, and her daughter Luna is the heir, apparently. One day, this adorable little girl will rule us all, but until then, she and her mom make an awesome pair.

Luna and Teigen have a very special relationship that we have been able to watch develop over social media. Teigen is generous in sharing her adorable baby, and also hilarious stories about their relationship. Like their special language that seems to mostly be used to beg for sausages:

People were impressed by Teigen’s level of toddler fluency:

But she’s been hanging out with Luna from the beginning. Of course she understands her—as Luna understands she needs to really go hard to get her mom’s attention.

It’s still better to be with mom than anyone else:

It’s cool that Teigen accepts Luna exactly as she is. A ballerina astronaut.

And she’s always willing to go the extra mile to make sure her daughter is happy.

But they also do things together, like trolling daddy:

Luna’s also already got her mother’s sense of style:

But she’s got her dad’s musical ability:

But this baby is a perfect amalgam of her parents and their loving care. It may have made her the cutest baby ever?

Like, here’s Luna doing what looks like a little traditional Thai dancing in a tiny pink car, which is just perfect:

And here she is being absolutely terrifying and adorable at once:

Wherever Luna goes, she’s in perfect company, because she’s with her awesome mom:

What did we do to deserve these two?

Long may they rule!!

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