Last week, an impersonation of Charles Barkley by comedian Danny Rouhier went viral. As is oftentimes the case when things involving the Inside the NBA guys hit the Twittersphere and get some traction, Chuck was made abreast of what happened, and because it was a pretty good impression, he was a fan.

Following Tuesday night’s slate of NBA games, the Inside guys decided to have a little more fun with this. Rouhier surprised Barkley by making a cameo in which he interviewed the Hall of Fame inductee while doing his impersonation. Barkley was very obviously caught off guard, but despite that, he had a blast answering questions like, “How come when it’s your turn to talk, you push your right hand down on the podium like this and brace yourself like it’s a earthquake?”

Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kenny Smith all got in on the fun, with Shaq also being the subject of an impersonation that was designed to roast Barkley for only making it to the Finals once in his NBA career. But Chuck was at the center of the whole thing, and bless his heart, he laughed hysterically basically the entire time. We even got a Guarantee Button™ press out of it and Barkley giving his opinion of which Bogdanovic would win in a fight if Bojan and Bogdan squared off for “Bogdanovic supremacy.”