On the same day, the Kansas-based news network KSNT reported on the Kansas Red Wave Rally, a peaceful pro-Donald Trump protest taking place inside the Kansas State Capitol Building. One photo in the article features Capitol Meemaw from a profile view, proving the viral photo was not taken in D.C. (shown below).

On January 7th, @jimtews tweeted, “You’re right. It was Aunt Tifa” along with a photograph of Capitol Meemaw, garnering over 192,000 likes and 21,000 shares in 6 days (shown below, left). On the same day, @mentalmillness tweeted, “ok who left meemaw at the capitol” along with the photograph (shown below, right).

@jimtews · Jan 7 You're right. It was Aunt Tifa Jim Tews Samantha Power People Photograph Happy Community Facial expression Sharing Sitting Flag of the united states Snapshot Photography Conversation ted cruz hate page @mentalmillness · Jan 7 ok who left meemaw at the capitol 000 People Product Social group Photograph Community Facial expression Line Formal wear Interaction Sharing Organ Conversation Photography Snapshot Scarf Flag Flag of the united states
On January 8th, @RebeccalErwin posted a painting of Capitol Meemaw to Twitter (shown below, left). On January 9th, @emiisntfunny tweeted, “rare pic of meemaw breaking into the capitol (colorized 2021)” along with a photo of an old woman climbing a gated door (shown below, right).

Flag of the united states Flag Flag Day (USA) emi wit da eyebrows @emiisntfunny · Jan 9 rare pic of meemaw breaking into the capitol (colorized 2021) 000 Text Photograph Standing White Wall Font Purple Black Photography Street fashion Magenta Snapshot Back
On January 12th, BuzzFeed News published a story titled, “We Tracked Down “Capitol Meemaw” — Who Was Not Actually At The US Capitol.” The article features an interview with Capitol Meemaw, where she sets the record straight by confirming that she was not at the Capitol, but that she was at the Kansas State Capitol Building to pray with the peaceful protestors there.

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rachel 000 @rachelelizabeth MAGA Meemaw is a traitor but I love her Samantha Power People Community Sitting Sharing World @oldladycapitol Mountainous landforms Flag Mountain range Highland Hill Mountain Travel Summit Ridge Aircraft Fell Hill station Valley doc garbage @slevemcdichel · Jan 7 who would win in a fight: 10 duck sized meemaws or 1 meemaw sized duck 000 Mallard Organism Ducks, geese and swans Bird Beak Water bird Waterfowl Adaptation Duck Sharing Flag Photography Snapshot Steal Her Look Supreme Face Mask $399 Canada Goose Women's Puffer Coat: $99 Champion Vintage Embroidered Crewneck $98 Ace Hardware Handheld American Flag $199 Brandy Melville White Turtleneck Shirt $50 GUCCI Women's Wide Leg Pants $1,800 IKEA Sippy Cup $299 Product Sleeve Purple Lavender Fashion Electric blue Violet Magenta Flag Cobalt blue Gabriella Fine @GabriellaFine7 · Jan 8 000 these two have the exact same energy #meemaw People Photograph Facial expression Jaw Organ Sharing Photography Snapshot Flag Flag of the united states Conversation Statue of Liberty National Monument Sky Cloud Sculpture Tourism Landmark Bank Monument Watercourse Memorial Reservoir Cumulus National monument Statue

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