It’s a good thing Big Mouth is one of the funniest shows on TV, otherwise it might be too painful to watch as an adult. The Netflix animated series brings back repressed memories of middle school, including hormones hitting you like the bus hits Regina George in Mean Girls and feeling shame for the first time. Season 4 adds a new emotion to the equation: anxiety in the form of Tito the Mosquito, voiced by Maria Bamford. The new season “focuses on anxiety; the anxiety of growing up, of figuring out who you are, discovering yourself, accepting yourself,” according to Netflix. “In the great Big Mouth tradition, the show continues to explore human sexuality and everything around it, including racial and sexual identity, love in all its forms, and having the Hugest Period Ever.”

Just what 2020 needed, more anxiety! I could be incensed at Big Mouth making 2020 even more anxious than it already is, but I could never be mad at you, Coach Steve.

Other newcomers to the show include Zach Galifianakis as Gratitoad, “who is there to help our crew cope with their anxiety and not let it completely own them,” and Seth Rogen, Josie Totah, Lena Waithe, Quinta Brunson, John Oliver, Sterling K. Brown, Paul Giamatti, Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle. Ayo Edebiri, the new voice of Missy, will take over for Jenny Slate in the penultimate episode and for the rest of the series.

Big Mouth season four premieres on December 4.