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After Mom Adopts Orphan, Stranger Posts Photo Of Daughter With Same Name And Eerily Similar Face


In June 2003, workers found a tiny, day-old newborn baby girl abandoned on the sidewalk outside a textile factory in Yangzhou, China. Officers brought the baby to the Yangzhou Children’s Welfare Institute, an orphanage with about 200 beds.

Back in the states, the Funk family was yearning to adopt a needy child. Holly and Douglas Funk already had five biological children, but after watching a television special about orphans they had a clear and specific vision: to adopt a little girl from Asia and name her Mia.

The hopeful couple applied for adoption and months later learned they were approved to adopt a little girl. In July 2004, they traveled from Illinois to China to pick up their new daughter, who they named Mia Diamond. They were so elated by Mia’s arrival, but back in the states Holly couldn’t shake the feeling that something was just… missing.

A couple years later, Holly was browsing a website for parents who had adopted a child from the Yangzhou Children’s Welfare Institute. Another mother’s posting immediately caught her eye.

A Miami resident named Diana Ramirez shared a post in celebration of her adopted daughter’s upcoming birthday. Diana had also adopted a baby girl from the same orphanage who was the exact same age as Holly’s daughter, Mia. And another glaring similarity: Diana’s adopted daughter was also named Mia.

“Diana, I have a Mia as well and she is almost three,” Holly wrote.

And with that, two connected yet unknown worlds collided — leading to one incredibly miraculous reunion.

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