Remember your beloved stuffed animal, the one you slept with, and dressed up, and dragged around everywhere until it basically disintegrated? Perhaps it survived your childhood and still sits on a shelf, as a beloved reminder of a more innocent time. Or maybe you lost it somewhere, and it was never returned. That’s what happened to my poor stuffed Lamby. Yes, it was a stuffed lamb, who I still think about occasionally. Lamby, where are you?!

I’ll never know. One little girl named Gussie was saved from this devastation after leaving her favorite stuffed animal at the Norfolk Airport. Her mother, Kelly Bridges, wrote on Facebook that not only did the airport find the stuff animal, Cookie Dough, they made Gussie a special surprise: a little book showing all its adventures out on the town.

Bridges wrote: “Guys…Gussie lost her ‘Cookie Dough’ favorite stuffed animal at the airport last week. I called the airport to let them know, and they called us later to say they found it! She went to pick it up today and they gave her this book and I about cried. Norfolk International Airport, you all are awesome.”

The booklet showed Gussie not only that it was ok for her to lose her stuffed animal, but that Cookie Dough was having the time of its life.

It met some stuffed friends, checked the weather, and sampled some coveted airport merch:

Then, Cookie Dough went for a spin in a very nice car, and even got to ride on the dashboard, though it missed Gussie the whole time.

Cookie Dough even tested out some bigger cars, and got all dressed up for the job. It even met some really nice members of the rescue squad. 

Cookie Dough got recruited to work as a police bear for a day, which seems like a big responsibility.

And even got to drive some fancy, airport-only vehicles:

Cookie Dough learned how to self-check for a flight, which, as we all know, is a very important skill:

Cookie Dough also adventured in ways a kid definitely shouldn’t. Stuffed animals have more leeway for stunts, though.

And Cookie Dough got snacks!

The stuffed dog took a really extensive tour of all the airport areas most of us never get to see:

Then almost got recruited again, this time for a different role:

But it was finally time to say goodbye to all its new friends and go home to Gussie:

Like everybody, Cookie Dough did experience some down time at the airport, but waiting around is part of the experience.

The booklet was made specifically by the Norfolk Airport Police, which makes me think that this may be the safest airport in America. 

They seem to have a lot of time on their hands:

And they used it to make one little girl very, very happy:

But Cookie Dough: don’t go wandering aimlessly again.

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