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A 6-Month-Old Koala Joey Is Given A Second Chance At Life Thanks To The Werribee Open Range Zoo


There’s a reason why we’ve all watched Bambi as kids — and, not just the fact that Disney considers it a classic film. While the 1942 film is still often referenced today, it was an early lesson on loss. It was sad to see how Bambi coped with the loss of his mother, but it was important for kids to see his life still continued forward. And, it still included many moments of success and happiness. (Sure, you might not remember the parts that included Bambi’s love interest Faline, but they were still a big part of the film.)

That’s something you’ll want to keep in mind while hearing the horrible story of what happened to this 6-month-old koala’s mother. Unfortunately, her mom had an unsuccessful run-in with a dog, leaving her all alone. But, much like Bambi, the story has a happy ending.

Named “Minnie,” this baby koala was given a second chance at survival thanks to the Werribee Open Range Zoo. Located in Australia, Minnie’s caretakers are keeping a close eye on her. At the age of six months, joeys still depend heavily on their moms. Not only do their moms provide food and comfort, but they also do their best to keep them safe. If Minnie wasn’t found in time, her fate may have been grim.

Minnie’s been watched throughout the night, and actually has certain behaviors that are typical of a newborn. For one, she’s very vocal at night time.

Watch more of Minnie, and see how her caretakers have imitated her mother’s pouch in this heartwarming video.

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