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2-Year-Old Boy Trapped Inside Claw Machine At The Arcade Gets Rescued By Firefighters


Those arcade claw machines hold some massive appeal. They’re always filled with the coolest looking stuffed animals, but they’re far from easy to get through the game. One 2-year-old in southern China decided to take matters into his own hands.

The boy and his family were at a small arcade in a local mall when the incident happened. As the child’s mom and another child are seen walking away on security footage, the toddler doubles back. That’s when he climbs into the slot the machine’s prizes are dispensed from.

It didn’t take long for the child to realize the error of his idea. He realized he couldn’t get out on his own just as his mom first spotted him stuck behind the glass. Firefighters were called to rescue the boy from the claw machine.

Firefighters arrived on the scene to assess what the best way to get him out was. They decided to break the lock on the front of the machine’s glass and remove the front glass panel. A crowd of spectators watched as they carefully disassembled the machine.

Once the front was off, they had the task of getting out some of the oversized stuffed animals in the game. Finally, they were able to get to the child, much to his mom’s relief. We have a feeling that little boy learned a valuable lesson about straying from mom that day.

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