12 Tidbits About MissingNo., the Glitch Pokémon of Our Nightmares


Like adult acne and high heeled crocs, MissingNo. should not exist. Perhaps one of the most infamous Pokémon — and perhaps not a Pokémon at all — MissingNo. was found lurking around the Cinnabar Island coast to my absolute unparalleled horror. Sure, encountering MissingNo. in the Blue or Red version was an essential part of the Old Man Glitch, and those rare candies, Master Balls and nuggets weren’t going to duplicate themselves. But MissingNo. and his graphics-distorting powers definitely gave us all the wiggins as little kids, and his legend looms large today. Even still, the most unsettling part of the legend goes back to how this creature, this “Misssing Number,” should not exist. 

However, MissingNo. does exist, and though we’ve yet to decrypt that existence in full, here’s a little bit of data on the iconic bundle of bytes.


The appearance of MissingNo. is largely based on your trainer name.


MissingNo. is tall AF and would therefore do very well on Tinder.


MissingNo. is a bird/normal type.


Even the nature of MissingNo.’s attacks are a glitch.


MissingNo. comes in many different forms (and sprites).


MissingNo. or one of his unholy relations exists in Yellow Version.


Nintendo low-key lied about what MissingNo. does to a game.


And incidentally, your playground BFF lied about MissingNo. erasing your save file.


There was a sp0000ky theory that suggested MissingNo. is the missing link between Cubone and Kangaskhan.


MissingNo. can’t evolve, but his glitch-sibling ‘M can.


Another theory suggests MissingNo. is made out of crushed little Pokémon.


MissingNo. is still causing bugs to this day, particularly in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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