Baby Keem Reveals His Next Release Will Be ‘The Melodic Blue’

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Baby Keem had the internet in a tizzy on Friday after sharing his latest single, “Family Ties” with Kendrick Lamar. The track gained a boatload of attention, mostly because it marked Kendrick’s official return to the game as it was his first musical contribution of 2021. It was yet another great single that brings fans closer to the release of Keem’s upcoming album, The Melodic Blue.

The Vegas rapper announced the project’s title in an April tweet and thanks to his latest post on Twitter, it appears that the album could arrive very soon.

In a tweet Keem shared on Friday night, the rapper outlined his plans for the future in a brief message. “No more singles,” he wrote. “Album time.”

It should be no surprise that Keem has deemed this as the time to take the next steps toward releasing the project. He’s already released five singles that could appear on the new effort. It began at the end of 2020 with the release of “Hooligan” and “Sons & Critics Freestyle,” then followed “No Sense,” and “Durag Activity” with Travis Scott. And of course, now “Family Ties” with Kendrick Lamar.

The Melodic Blue will be Baby Keem’s first project since his 2019 mixtape Die For My B*tch. During an interview between himself and Kendrick for i-D, Keem said the project gave him “a chance to play with my sounds and open up the lane to grow in confidence,” something that will hopefully be on full display with his upcoming project.

You can view Keem’s tweet above.


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