Are Snack Wraps Back at McDonald’s? Social Media Rumors Explained

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For the record, McDonald’s knows you want Snack Wraps back on the menu.

In March, the chain commented on the fan fervor, tweeting a meme image of the Ever Given, the container ship stuck in the Suez Canal at the time.

In the pic, a backhoe, which represented “an innocent tweet about McNuggets,” makes a futile push against the ship, which represented “3.7 million people demanding that I bring back Snack Wraps.”

In a follow-up tweet, McDonald’s stated, “We understand that it’s missed. We’re still working on if and when to get them back. Stick around.”

And earlier this month, a McDonald’s employee on TikTok claimed the wraps are “coming back soon”…

TikTok and Reddit users suspect Snack Wraps are about to make a big comeback.

Earlier this month, a TikTok user commented on a video about McDonald’s Snack Wraps, offering a promising update. “As a McDonald’s worker, they are supposed to be coming back soon,” the TikTok user wrote. “We are waiting to hear back from corporate.”

And last week, a Reddit user asked, “If McDonald’s brings back the Snack Wraps, which one are you getting first? … I recently heard they’re coming back at ‘select locations.’”

The rumors come as more than 8,000 people have signed a petition asking for McDonald’s to bring back the popular menu item.

“McDonald’s, if you’re reading this, help my husband keep his sanity by not hearing me say ‘I just want a freaking Snack Wrap’ almost daily and the country happy by giving us what we really want,” petition organizer Victoria Thomas wrote. “You know what to do.”

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