Anime subreddits are banning Joe Rogan fans for being fans of Joe Rogan

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Some communities on Reddit have reportedly decided that fans of podcaster Joe Rogan have no place in their subreddit.

According to screenshots shared to X, the JusticeServed and SailorMoon subreddits both banned users for participating in the Joe Rogan subreddit.

“You have been banned for participating in a subreddit that has consistently shown to provide
refuge for users to promote hate, violence and misinformation (joerogan),” reads the screenshot from JusticeServed. It additionally noted that action was performed by a bot and could be appealed.

The message from SailorMoon similarly cited the user’s participation in r/Joe Rogan, with the moderators stating the user was banned “because we think you partcipate in a subreddit known for its hate and hateful leanings.”

“This includes serious issues such as Racisim, LGBT+ hate, Transphobia, Genocide Denial or other such things,” the message added.

The banned user asked which subreddit, to which the moderators then replied with a link to the Rogan community.

Rogan came under widespread criticism for his anti-vaxx conspiracies during the COVID-19 pandemic and has faced backlash for his past use of the N-word, as well as comments he has made about Jewish people, homeless people, and more.

The post on X about the bans caught the attention of Elon Musk and many others who condemned the moderators’ decision.

“Reddit is the new woke capital of SM,” commented one user.

“That’s wacked. No other way to say it,” wrote another.

But the two subreddits would not be the first to implement a policy targeting Rogan’s fans on Reddit.

Multiple users posted screenshots to r/Joe Rogan a year ago stating they had been “permanently banned from participating in r/entertainment” due to their participating in either the Rogan subreddit or the subreddit for podcaster Tim Dillon.

Another Joe Rogan subreddit participant noted a year ago that they had been banned from participating in JusticeServed—not because of Rogan but because they had commented in r/conservative.

“We are willing to reverse the ban only if you plan to stop supporting the target subreddit,” read the year-old message about the JusticeServed decision.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the moderators of both JusticeServed and SailorMoon for comment and to confirm the policy regarding the Rogan subreddit.

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