A TikTok user claimed none of the women on ‘Saturday Night Live’ are ‘hot,’ and the rest of the internet has thoughts

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Saturday Night Live has been on the air since 1975 and has seen dozens upon dozens of cast members grace that famous stage during its 49 year run—but apparently none of those people have been “hot women,” according to one TikTok user’s recent viral hot take.

You see, all of the drama began this week when TikTok user Jahelis posted a video claiming that SNL has never hired a “hot woman” before:


In the TikTok, the user claims that the legendary variety sketch show has never hired a “hot woman.” “I’m not saying that every single woman who has been a cast member on SNL is ugly,” the user clarified. “It’s just that none of them have ever been hot.”

While she admits some former female cast members, like Kristen Wiig, are “conventionally attractive,” she still doubles down, stating they’re still not “hot.” She went on to specifically use current cast member Heidi Gardner as an example of this phenomenon, stating that she tends to play characters that are perceived as “hot” in her skits, but is—in the user’s opinion—not actually “hot” by everyday standards.

The user then goes on to state that SNL has, on the other hand, hired “hot men” before, citing “a young Jimmy Fallon,” Andy Samberg, Jason Sedakis, and Bowen Yang as examples.

Comments on the video are mostly taken aback by the hot take, with one user writing, “This is so random and mean” while another wrote, “Internalized misogyny!! You clocked yourself, babe.”

Naturally, fans of the show had a lot of thoughts on this intense claim—as well as some A+ jokes—and were quick to share them on X:

One user even took it upon themselves to create an entire thread of examples:

The whole ordeal has gone so viral, even members of the cast have commented on the TikTok’s claims.

First, cast member Chloe Fineman commented on the original TikTok from her own verified account, simply writing, “We are hot tho…”

Next, cast member Sarah Squirm tweeted a humorous response:

And finally, cast member Chloe Troast took to TikTok itself to duet the video:

So, there you have it! Whether or not more SNL cast members will share reactions to the hot take remains to be seen, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens when Kristen Wiig takes up hosting duties this Saturday, April 6th.

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