48 Products Reviewers Have Said Are A “Game Changer”

It’s more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than other competitors because one bottle can be used up to 55 times. To use, add one to two drops in each glass of white one, two to three for each glass of red, or seven to nine to a whole bottle. Swirl it for 20 seconds after you put it in, and the glass is ready to drink. 

Promising review: “I don’t often write reviews, except when something goes beyond my expectations and really works. And this stuff does!! I won’t lie, I love wine and drink a lot of it, despite having an allergy to sulfites/tannins that often gives me massive migraines and nasal congestion to the point I can’t breathe in my nose. For years, I have taken an allergy pill when I drink wine. It helps a bit, but never is a total cure. I was recently relenting to the idea of just giving up my love of wine. I’ve tried other products that claim to reduce these effects, and they never made much difference. I took a chance and tried this. To my surprise, it really worked! Just a few drops in each glass of wine, and even after a few glasses, for the first time in years, I didn’t get a massive headache or congestion later in the evening or the next morning! This is a real game changer for me. I will be repurchasing again and again.” —R-Laren

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Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/abbykass/game-changer-products-reviewers