33 Unbelievable Coincidences That Happened To People

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“I went to Gen Con in 2019 dressed as Captain Marvel and spotted another Captain Marvel cosplayer. I went over to her, she hugged me as soon as she saw me, we took some pictures together, and that was that. Fast forward a few months later, I’m in college and looking for a place to sit in one of the dining halls because it’s kinda busy. I see a girl sitting by herself so I ask if I can sit next to her. We get to talking, and soon she’s scrolling through her camera roll to show me a picture of her dog and I catch a fleeting glimpse of the Captain Marvel logo in one of the photos. I bring up that I cosplayed as her for Gen Con, and she pauses and says ‘So did I.’ One look at each other and it clicks: she was the other cosplayer. I practically tackle-hug her in excitement and show her the picture I took to confirm it was her and she says, yes, it’s her.”

“A week or two later, I’m scrolling through some of my cosplay photos from Gen Con 2018, and I see a photo I took of a girl cosplaying as Veronica Sawyer from Heathers and realize she looks…oddly familiar. I ask my new friend if that was her too, and she confirms it was. We ran into each other TWO YEARS IN A ROW at the SAME CONVENTION before we ended up going to the same college. Call it what you will — fate, destiny, coincidence — but somehow the universe just aligned perfectly for something like this to happen. Fast forward to now: I’m a junior, she’s now one of my best friends in the world, and we’re actually supposed to hang out today.”


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/mikespohr/amazing-real-life-coincidences

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