25 Crucial Money Lessons From Millennials For Gen Z’ers

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“There are three options most people have when they need more money: 1. Spend less 2. Increase income 3. Spend less and increase income.”

Spend less: Look at where you can negotiate bills. Can you switch internet providers and pay less? Have you had the same auto insurance and have paid off your vehicle and have a good record? Get a quote from another insurance provider to see if you can pay less — insurance providers don’t usually approach you and say you’re paying too much.

Increase income: Have you been in the same job for a couple of years? You now have more experience — typically, you can negotiate upwards of a 7%  pay increase by changing jobs or companies. Are there professional certificates you can get in your field? Coursera and Udemy have certificate programs to help add value (especially if your work offers education/tuition assistance) to help get a raise. Can you freelance for extra money, or teach a skill like an instrument or foreign language?”


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/meganeliscomb/millennial-money-advice-for-gen-z

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