24 Stories By People Who Called Off Their Wedding

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“My brother’s former fiancée called it off three weeks before the wedding. She had some issues she was ignoring and kept convincing herself that marrying my brother would help everything in her life. He is everything she wanted, but she really didn’t accept that she deserved him. She said she could wake up the morning of the wedding and say yes, let’s do this and then when she was walking down the aisle, she didn’t want to do it. She ended up married to her ex a few years later. She already had one son with him before she met my brother. She and the ex had another kid and a year after the second was born, she took off and left the state.”

“Everything was paid for. I still have pins in the bridesmaid dress for alterations. I had to go to our family and return all the shower gifts and early wedding gifts, because no one else was able to, emotionally. That was rough! My aunts, cousins, and grandma were all asking questions and I had to relive it over and over and over.”


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/ajanibazile/called-off-wedding-stories

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