2022 Words Of The Year From Merriam-Webster, Collins, Macquarie, Oxford

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teal (n.): “an independent political candidate who holds generally ideologically moderate views, but who supports strong action regarding environmental and climate action policies, and the prioritising of integrity in politics.”

Why it was chosen: The Macquarie Dictionary Committee, made up of the dictionary’s editors and publisher, wrote that teal is “an emblem of Australia’s political landscape in 2022.”

Also in the running: truth-telling (runner-up); goblin mode, spicy cough, bachelor’s handbag (honorable mentions); Barbiecore, bossware, brigading, clapter, e-change, gigafire, goblin mode, hidden homeless, nepo baby, orthosomnia, pirate trail, prebunking, quiet quitting, skin hunger, yassify (shortlist).

Collins Dictionary: permacrisis

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/emersonmalone/2022-words-of-the-year-goblin-mode

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