20 Celebrity Couples Who Had Unconventional Weddings

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However, after they spent two years planning their extravagant ceremony, the California Coastal Commission ordered them to cancel only 20 days before because the extra structures had been built without a permit and on an illegally closed campground — so the couple shelled out $2.5 million in a settlement.

The structures posed a threat to the redwoods and the fish living in a nearby stream.  The couple’s settlement covered the hotel’s violations and provided additional money for the commission to purchase hiking trails and public easements for conservation groups.

Sean told USA Today, “Ultimately, the Ventana [the hotel] was unwilling to accept any financial responsibility and preferred to cancel our wedding rather than work things out with the commission. We had no choice but to step in and pay for all of their violations, both the unpermitted construction and also their past liability related to the campground closure.”

Pinterest wedding board-worthiness rating: –💒💒💒 for environmental damage

Current relationship status: Still together and parents of two.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/kristenharris1/unconventional-celebrity-weddings

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