‘You are the reason I sit in my car till like 5 mins after’: Subway worker mocks customer waiting for store to open in her car


What’s the proper etiquette for how customers should wait for a store to open? Does one wait at the door of the store? Should they wait in their car five minutes past opening time so that they don’t seem too eager? TikTokers are sharing how they think customers should behave after viewing a video featuring a woman waiting in her car for Subway to open at 9am.

In the clip, which was viewed over 2.7 million times, Subway worker and popular TikToker creator Preston Walker (@prestonwalker__) showcases the customer’s car and the current time: 8:59am. “We love to see it! Anything for a Sub sandwich!” the caption reads.

When the clock strikes 9am, the customer pokes her head out of the car to look at the store.

@prestonwalker__ We love to see it! Anything for a Sub sandwich😂🔥 #prestontalks ♬ original sound – Preston Walker

The Daily Dot reached Preston Walker via TikTok comment.

While some viewers were put off by the idea of a sub sandwich in the morning, Walker assured them Subway serves breakfast, too. “Pretty normal tbh! We serve breakfast!” he said via comment.

As a matter of fact, the restaurant has a pretty extensive breakfast menu, including a steak, egg, and cheese wrap; a bacon, egg, and cheese flatbread sandwich; and a black forest ham, egg, and cheese wrap.

Other viewers pointed out that she may work early and was already on her lunch break by 9am or that she could be saving her sandwich for her lunch.

Viewers also shared their own methods for waiting for a store to open.

“You are the reason I sit in my car till like 5 mins after,” one said.

“Listen my social anxiety makes me sit out there until at least 9:05 until I get out even if I’m there at 8:55,” another agreed.

Others felt the customer did the right thing by waiting in her car.

“At least she waited. I’ve had customers banging on the door to be let in early,” one recalled.

“At least she didn’t come rattle the doors and stare at you,” another said.

“I’d rather they come right at open instead of come in right at close,” one of the top comments on the video reads.

It seems Walker agrees with this sentiment, simply writing “facts” in response.

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/news/subway-customer-waits-for-store-to-open/